Getting to know RNPF Playwrights: Charlyne Blatcher Martin

Rockford New Play Festival: Hi, Charlyne. We’re so happy to have you as part of the Festival. Would you mind telling us where you’re from and where you live now?
Charlyne: I am from Rockford, IL and currently, live in Rockford,IL.
RNPF: Can you tell us a little about Epiphany and what inspired it?
Charlyne: My play, Epiphany, is about two sisters. After years of a one-sided relationship in which the elder sister has loved, protected, and supported the younger sister, a disturbing truth is revealed that changes the relationship. This play was inspired by observing how negative sibling relationships and behaviors carry over into adulthood.
RNPF: What playwrights, authors or other artists do you consider as major influences of your own work?
Charlyne: Jane Austin, Neil Simon, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, August Wilson, Gene Roddenberry, and many others.  I am drawn to artists, playwrights, and authors who produced works from personal experiences-parent/child; siblings; family; romantic relationships and historical events. I guess that covers a lot of ground. Generally, My plays and stories explore all of those areas plus some science fiction and social issues.
RNPF:  What appeals to you about writing for the stage vs. other forms of dramatic storytelling?
Charlyne: Writing for the stage is that anticipation of watching your characters come to life. They move and breathe. I hear them in my head as they are being created during the writing process. But, to be able to physically see them is that moment of “They are Alive!”
RNPF: What’s next for you? Any projects you’re currently working on or plans for the near future?
Charlyne: I have a few projects that are calling my name. Most of which began a few years ago and some very new. I am working on a short play and a full length play that will spin off from it. Thinking of readings and possible productions are always a part of that process. I’m compiling poems and short stories that have accumulated over the years. I’m thinking of legacy these days. What will I leave to my children and grandchildren so that they may learn more about the creative life within me? My plays, poems, and stories.
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